Adventure Based Peer Support

Never Heal Alone


What is Helping 2 Overcome?

As a vital part of the Community Intergration Team (CIT) at Vets Recover the Helping 2 Overcome (H2O) program plays intregal role in helping our Military Members (Past and Present) to heal together with the family members and alongside others that have shared similar experiences. Our Staff and Team are dedicated to helping not only those that are in the middle of a struggle with the seen and unseen wounds that have come from their time serving our country, but also those that do not even know they are in need yet. We believe that the role of our Adventure Based Peer Support Program is to help heal, overcome, and even aid in prevention - but most of all to offer HOPE. Hope for a better today, tomorrow, and each day forward.

Fighting together
to combat Isolation, Depression, Anxiety
while building a community of support and healing.

Peer Support - at a DEEPER level

Adventure Based Peer Support

Adventure Based Peer Support - Engaging our Veterans, Active Duty, and Family Members in an environment that encourages confidence building, overcoming anxieties, and battling the causes of depression, isolation, and suicide.

A Part WHOLE person healing.

Helping 2 Overcome helps to build on the idea of WHOLE person healing - Physical, Mental, Spritiual, and Emotional - here at Vets Recover. Using outdoor activies we encourage and and foster recovery and healing from mental health illness, substance abuse and more.

Community and Healing

The Helping 2 Overcome program fosters continued healing through events, functions, classes and other actives such as SCUBA, Kayaking, Hiking, Camping, Sky Diving, Golf, and MORE that promote an end to the isolation that often compounds mental health illnesses, substance abuse, and suicide.

Go on an Adventure



Never Heal Alone

A major difference in the Adventure Based Peer Support Program - Helping 2 Overcome - here at Vets Recover is that we understand that you can not heal alone. Our program invites and encourages family members of our Veterans and Active Duty Members, to participate and take part in the healing, community building, and recovery process - because we do not go to war alone and we do not come home and heal alone.