Healing At A Deeper Level

Using Scuba Diving as part of our Adventure Based Peer Support Program - Helping 2 Overcome - is able to help our Veterans, Active Duty Members, First Responders, and their Family members in an outside of the clinic atmosphere.

Peer Support is a vital part in recovery and healing. Through Adventure Based Peer Support Programs such as Helping 2 Overcome we work to engage and build confidence in our participants through peer-to-peer guidance and encouragment. 

Adventure Based Peer Support - Scuba Programs

Our Adventure Based Peer Support - Scuba Programs are designed to help our participants face anxieties, depression, isolation, battle mental illness, and recover from substance abuse.

Our programs work to build confidence and a community of support around all that participate.

SCUBA Course Weekends

Whether you are wanting to take that first giant stride into the water and earn your NAUI Open Water Diver Certification or push yourself to learn more through our NAUI Advanced Open Water or highter - our SCUBA Course Weekends are where it is done! Join us for one of our 4 day events where MIlitary Members and their Dependents are invited to participate in courses from NAUI Try SCUBA or Beyond, and to take part in activities such as our Family Days, and Boat Dives.


Continuing Education Courses

Continuing Education Courses. Stay engaged, stay in the water. Courses include - Advanced Open Water, Enriched Air Diver, Deep Diver, Night Diver, Digital Underwater Photography, and even Introduction to Spearfishing courses. Courses are taught as students request.


Events, Trips, and More

Sign up to join us on one of our many dive trips, spearfishing trips, Georgia Aquarium Events, and so much more. Our events are open to all participants (unless otherwise stated) and we encourage everyone to join us!



All are welcome to participate in any VRR / H2O Scuba Program! (With the exception of the Georgia Aquarium Veterans Immersion Program events)

  • H2O Courses, Charters, and Travel are open to ALL that would like to participate.
  • Veterans, Active Duty, and Dependents G.I. Bill® is available through the NAUI VA Program!
    • Participants with GI Bill® eligibility are required to use GI Bill® benefits. This is done so that Helping 2 Overcome and Vets Recover can ensure that funding is available for those that do not have benefits. 
  • For those who do not have G.I. Bill® eligibility prices on the Helping 2 Overcome website reflect the discounted course prices for:
    • Veterans and direct dependents. (Spouses and Children)
    • Active-Duty Military Members and direct dependents. (Spouses and Children)
    • Reserve Military Members and direct dependents. (Spouses and Childern)
  • Discounted Course Prices are made available through the generous funding of our partners, sponsors, and donors. 

We allow each instructor to set their minimum age requirements. However we do not instruct children under the age of 12.

  • Our Open Water Scuba Diver courses are limited to 6 people per class.
  • Courses are taught over our four (4) day "Waypoint" SCUBA Course Weekends.
  • Helping 2 Overcome Instructors and Divemasters will rotate locations each month scheduling 3-4 days of instruction and social gatherings. At these events participants are encouraged to come gather around a community of support, divers, and complete any course work they are currently enrolled in. 

Yes, all participants will be required to complete:

NAUI Medical Evaluation Form (Can be found HERE)

If prompted by either to get physician’s approval this can be completed by setting an appointment with Veteran’s Recovery Resources or your Primary Car Physician

Also, participants must demonstrate Basic Water Skills By:

  • Swim demonstrating 15 continuous stroke cycles
  • Swim 412m/450yrd nonstop breathing from snorkel
  • Float and tread water for 10 minutes, again using any methods you want.

Upon enrollment you will be issued a one time use NAUI eLearning course code. 

  • All online course work must be completed PRIOR to conducting any in-water portion of your desired course (unless other wise cleared by instructor). 

Students will be emailed the following forms to complete - These forms will be placed in the Student File Folder.

 Yes! Veterans Recovery Resources and our Helping 2 Overcome SCUBA program are a NAUI Approved VA Testing Center!

Active Duty, Veterans, and Dependents may use their G.I. Bill® here!

Learn more HERE.

Yes! Our courses are priced on during our course weekends at an extremly reduced rate so that even if you do not have G.I. Bill® eligibility cost still remain not a barrier. 

Prices on our website are reduced for:

  • Veteran
  • Active-Duty Military Member
  • Reserve Military Member
  • Or DIRECT dependent